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Named after the Haitian god of agriculture, Azacca® is one of a new brood of dwarf bittering hops. Descended directly from Toyomidori, Azacca® greater parentage also includes Summit® and Northern Brewer. It is considered by many as being well suited to the IPA style.Even with its high alpha acids, Azacca¨ still works well as a dual-use hop, giving off a pleasant mix of tropical fruits kissed with citrus. On the palate this hop is particularly spicy, with mango, pineapple and some pine-like and tangerine-esque qualities. Despite being a US hop, it has been likened in nature to some New Zealand-bred varieties.

Region : USA

Alpha Acid: 14 - 16 %

Beta Acid: 4 - 5 %

Co-Humulone: 38 - 45 %

Total Oils: 1.6 - 2.5 ml/100g

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