Smooth Clear PVC Transfer Hose


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NL2115 - Smooth Clear PVC Transfer Hose (Standard)

NL2115 is a standard general purpose PVC suction and discharge hose that is commonly seen on pumps across many industries (not for food grade transfer). It is a non-marking, lightweight, mild abrasion and chemical resistant hose that's easy to handle and is typically used in lighter duty applications. The clear aspect of NL2115 permits excellent visibility, and its smooth exterior and interior allow for maximum flow of products. This hose is not recommended for transferring fuels and is also not FDA approved for potable water (see the food section of this catalogue for FDA approved hose). It is also available in solid black (NL2116) commonly used on agricultural air seeders.Typical Fittings: Camlocks, N10-GS combination nipples, N310-AL short shanks, strainers, N52 punch clamps, various bolt clamps.Construction: Tube: Smooth PVC. Cover: Smooth PVC. Reinforcement: Rigid, white PVC helix.Temperature Range: -24°C (-10°F) to +54°C (130°F)Detail Comments: All working pressures & vacuum ratings are recommended @ 20°C (70°F).Cut Method: HD Safety Scissors or Box/Blade Cutter - Wear Safety Gloves

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