Muntons Northern Spring Malt

Muntons Northern Spring Malt

Muntons Northern Spring Malt 25KG
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With barley varieties bred for distilling becoming increasingly popular in craft brewing, Muntons has released a new Northern Spring malt. Northern Spring is made with modern spring barley varieties developed for our distilling customers in Scotland. When used in brewing, Northern Spring produces a golden-colored wort with a malt-forward flavor profile. This gives Northern Spring superior masking-qualities which makes the malt forgiving to brew with. Northern Spring also provides superior attenuation and can produce beers that finish relatively dry without sacrificing malt flavour.

Northern Spring is a natural choice for traditionally malt-forward Scottish and Irish Ales. In New England IPAs and NE Double IPAs, Northern Spring leaves behind a subtle maltiness that works nicely with fruity New World and Southern Hemisphere hop varieties. Northern Spring’s attenuation makes it a good choice for British Golden Ales or even lagers where a dry finish is desired.

Color SRM (Max) 1.7

Color L (Min) -

Color L (Max) 1.8

Moisture Content 5.00%

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