Hallertau Mittlefruh

Hallertau Mittlefruh

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Hallertau, Hallertauer and Hallertauer Mittelfruher are all names for the original German Hallertau variety. Dating back more than 100 years, it stems from an old German landrace and is one of the original four 'noble' hops. It features a lightly flowery and spicy aroma.

Though its popularity has been steadily declining over the past 50 years, primarily as a result of grave susceptibility to verticillium wilt and poor yields, it has been used to create a multitude of offspring, most of which are wilt tolerant. It is now only grown on one farm in Germany.

Alpha Acid: 3 - 5%
Beta Acid: 3 - 5%
Co-Humulone: 18 - 28
Total Oils: 0.7 – 1.3 ml/100g

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