Propylene Glycol CW-1664L

Propylene Glycol CW-1664L

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CW-1664L is a liquid formulation of propylene glycol, buffers, cathodic and anodic corrosion inhibitors and polymeric dispersants, developed specifically for use in industrial closed recirculating water systems. CW-1664L provides excellent protection to valves, pumps, heat exchangers and pipes by producing a protective film on all exposed metal surfaces. CW-1664L is appropriate for use in both chilled water and hot water systems.

  • Reduces maintenance and operating costs by keeping internal waterside surfaces clean for maximum heat transfer.

  • Contains no chromate or zinc, contributing no color to the treated water.

  • Does not adversely affect valve-packing material, pump glands or water seals.

  • Fully buffered to extend coolant life by compensating for naturally occurring acidic glycol degradation products.

  • Convenient, easy to feed liquid formulation permits optimum treatment control, eliminates batch mixing and promotes worker-handling safety.

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