WLP085 English Ale Yeast Blend

WLP085 English Ale Yeast Blend

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A blend of British ale yeast strains designed to add complexity and attenuation to your ale. Moderate fruitiness and mineral-like character, with little to no sulfur. Drier than WLP002 and WLP005, but with similar flocculation properties. This yeast is suitable for English pale ales, bitters, porters, stouts and IPAs.

*Vault Strains require a 21 day lead time to grow and ship and require a minimum 1.5L, please allow more time than normal to receive the Yeast*

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Availability: Vault
Attenuation: 69 - 76%
Flocculation: Medium - High 
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5 - 10%)
Optimal Fermentation Temperature: 68 - 72°F