Pinnacle Distillers Yeast (M)

Pinnacle Distillers Yeast (M)

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An active dried yeast well-suited for use in malt-based fermentations. It rapidly consumes maltose and produces a flavorful spirit. Product size = 500g.

  • Has a high cell count (>1 x 1010 cells/g)
  • Rehydrates well in direct pitch applications
  • Is noted for its resulting spirit having high organoleptic qualities

This yeast product can be applied in a variety of malt mashes. Pinnacle Distillers Yeast (M) can withstand a wide range of starting fermentation temperatures with an optimum range of 28°C to 32°C (82°F to 90°F). Yeast can be either pitched directly to the attemperated mash or rehydrated.

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