Pink Boots Blend

Pink Boots Blend

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Origin: American
Flavours: Citrus, herbal, tropical, wood
Alpha Acid: 12.4%
Beta Acid: 5.5%
Co-Humulone: 22.1%
Total Oils: 2.3 ml/100g

The Pink Boots Blend consists of a well-rounded mix of Pacific Northwestern hop varieties, including Loral¨, Idaho Gemª, Azacca¨ and El Dorado¨. The combination creates a high aroma hop blend that creates a tropical, citrus, and piney aroma and flavour characteristics to a wide range of beer styles. The blend is produced and sold by Yakima Chief Hops as traditional T90 hop pellets with limited availability, and $3 per pound sold will be donated to the Pink Boots Society scholarship fund.

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