Simcoe® Cryo Hops®

Simcoe® Cryo Hops®

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Origin: American
Flavours: Passion Fruit, grapefruit, berry, bubble gum, pine
Alpha Acid: 11.5% - 15.0%
Beta Acid: 3.0% - 4.5%
Co-Humulone: NA
Total Oils: 0.8 - 3.2 ml/100g

Released to the world in 2000 by Yakima Chief Ranches, American variety Simcoe¨ has become wildly popular with craft brewers. With a high alpha percentage and low cohumulone, it makes a very nice foundational bittering hop. It is also noted though for its favourable aroma qualities. It has a pleasantly fruity, yet earthy herbal and piney aroma.

Flying Fish used it to create its 10-year anniversary Barley Wine 5 additions of it alongside Magnum. Sierra Nevada also uses it in one of their High Altitude bold beers Hoptimum It has been referred to as Cascade on steroids.

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