Fermaid K™ 2.5kg

Fermaid K™ 2.5kg

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FERMAID K™ is a complex yeast nutrient to assist with fermentation security, especially in low YAN situations.
  • This reliable nutrient provides many essential key elements required by the yeast for growth and reproduction
  • Best used if YAN needs cannot be met using FERMAID O

Recommended Dosage: 25-50 g/hL (2-4 lb/1000 gal)

  • Measurable YAN at 25 g/hL dose: 25 ppm
  • YAN equivalents at 25 g/hL dose: 25 ppm

Usage: Suspend FERMAID K in water and mix well before adding, especially during fermentation to avoid CO2 release and overflowing the vessel.

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