Apollo™ 11lbs 2023

Apollo™ 11lbs 2023

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Apollo is a bittering hop that is commonly used only to bitter the beer during brewing, and not for too much flavour and aromas.

Apollo is a super high-alpha variety with a low cohumulone level that makes it an excellent bittering hop. When Apollo is used toward the end of the boil it can contribute flavours and aromas of citrus (lime), grapefruit, orange, pine, resin, and cannabis.

Origin: United States
Flavours: Geranium, grapefruit, pine, cedar, earthy
Alpha Acid: 15.0 - 20.5 %
Beta Acid: 5.5 - 8.0 %
Co-Humulone: 23 - 28%
Total Oils: 0.8 -2.5 ml/100g

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