Chinook Leaf

Chinook Leaf

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Chinook hops are suitable for any stage of the boil. They're not only a natural for American-style Pale Ales and IPAs, but they also find their way into seasonal ales, barley wine and some porters and stouts. The variety is a cross between Petham Golding and a USDA male and features a pine-like, spicy bouquet with robust flavours of grapefruit.

Released in 1985, Chinook has recently grown in popularity, particularly among craft breweries. Currently, they're commercially featured alone in Stone's Arrogant Bastard and in addition to Cascade and Centennial in Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale - a brew famous for its piney, citrusy character.

Origin: United States
Flavours: Grapefruit, spice, pine, dank, earthy
Alpha Acid: 1.5% - 15.0%
Beta Acid: 3.0% - 4.0%
Co-Humulone: 29 - 35
Total Oils:1.0 - 2.5ml/100g

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