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Fat Dog Golden Ale has been brewed in support of our buddy David, an Ultra-Runner from Muskoka, ON. David's had a number of life changing health-related curveballs thrown his way over the last number of years. Despite these challenges, he's persevered and found passion in trail running.

On August 11th, David will be running the Fat Dog 120. The Fat Dog takes place in Manning Provincial Park, BC spanning a distance of 124 miles (200km), incorporating a point-to-point style route, and a cumulative elevation gain is just over 26,240 feet. 

Read more about David's inspirational story, in his own words, below. 

Your support with the purchase of a bracelet, will see 100% of all proceeds donated to Crohn’s & Colitis Canada.

Furthermore, Sawdust will donate 10¢ from the sale of every can of Fat Dog Golden Ale. Brew Culture will match this generous contribution to double the total donation. 

Thank you for supporting David, and Crohn's & Colitis Canada!

My name is David Soos, I am an ultra runner and a loving husband and a father of two. My family supports and helps me through life's challenges just as I support them.  One challenge is the fact I have had to live with Crohn's/Colitis for most of my adult life. Specifically, I have suffered from colitis for over 20 years now. This illness presents incredible difficulties to living a normal life. 
Because of Colitis, I had my colon and large intestine/rectum removed eight years ago. I was on a colostomy bag for 3 1/2 months. As a result, I underwent a second major surgery to correct my body and have the bag removed. I had a tough go with complications from both surgeries including a blood clot, a pick line and I.V. lines. These complications and a leak caused me to experience sepsis. I had 4 blood transfusions as a result. However I made it through this battle. After this ordeal, I am better now, but I still have some new problems that come with all the procedures and experiences I have gone through over the years. 
This past year I had what is known as the 'Whipple Procedure', a high-risk, six hour operation to correct liver problems. It was a gruelling surgery that I feared I might not survive and even said my good-byes to loved ones just in case. Afterward, it was an equally challenging recovery. I fought and overcame this challenge and I am very proud to have been running again within months of the successful surgery. Since my last surgery, all of my test results have come back negative for Cancer which I am grateful for.  I still have scarring on my liver so they are saying that I will need a liver transplant sometime in my life, maybe within the next 10 years. I continue the battle. 
On September 11, 2021, I ran the Haliburton Forest 100 miler race. There were 97 people that registered and only 18 finishers.  I was the 18th person to cross the line and did that on a sprained  ankle.  I have a 'NEVER QUIT' attitude as my philosophy and it helps me to complete my distance running events in spite of my medical challenges. I will apply this determination again soon as my next race is the gruelling, 'Fat Dog 120' running event in British Columbia, Canada this August. 
I have been signed up to run this race for four years now but due to the pandemic, forest fires in B.C., and health problems I was not able to participate. But THIS is my year! I have fought and overcome these challenges.  So, now after months of training, I am ready for my next adventure, the 'FAT DOG 120' only two months from now!  I am grateful for all the support and words of encouragement I have received so far.’ 
David Soos  

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