Muntons Brown Malt

Muntons Brown Malt

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Amber and Brown malts have their roots firmly planted in the past. Originally used to impart color and flavor in darker beers such as browns and porters, these malts fell out of fashion as brewers and consumers drifted towards lighter colored and weaker beer styles. The growth in craft brewing and demand for interesting beers has enabled maltsters to bring back into production these classic lightly roasted malts.

Muntons Brown Malt is a traditional British specialty malt made by using traditional malting techniques and the highest quality of British barley. Suitable for beer styles such as Mild, Bitter, Ales, IPA, brown ale, stout, porter. Brown/ dark amber in color offering coffee, roast, strong toast flavors

Color SRM (Min) 66

Color SRM (Max) 86

Color L (Min) 49

Color L (Max) 64

Moisture Content 7.00%

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