Muntons CaraMalt 10

Muntons CaraMalt 10

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Cara Malt 10 is Muntons lowest color crystal malt. With its light color and mild flavor, Cara Malt 10 can be added to even the lightest beer styles without affecting the core flavor profile. This malt is designed to bring body, improve mouthfeel and add character to beers, although the degree of effect will depend on the rate at which Cara Malt 10 is added. As the Malt is only partially crystallised, and still has some enzyme activity, it can be included in ratios of up to a maximum of 25% in traditional beer styles. At higher dosage inclusions, (15 - 25%) the overall attenuation will be reduced but it will introduce added body and sweetness to the beer. In modern no and low alcohol beers, which are rapidly growing in popularity, it has the potential to be used in exceptionally high dosages of 50 - 75%. At these levels it gives the beer a solid highly flavorful base which is not as fermentable as a more typical standard wort.

Color SRM (Min) -

Color SRM (Max) 6

Color L (Min) -

Color L (Max) 5

Moisture Content 8.5%

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