Muntons Dark Crystal Rye Malt

Muntons Dark Crystal Rye Malt

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We offer a wide range of specialty malts ranging from low color crystals to highly roasted black malts. One of the more unusual amongst our wide range of specialty malts is Dark Crystal Rye malt which is a particular favorite of ours. If you want a red color to your beer this malt is the answer. The addition of 10 - 15% to a pale base will introduce a lovely red hue to your beer. This highly aromatic caramelized rye is perfect for adding bread crust notes and bringing a touch of sweetness to any recipe. When incorporated in the grist at high inclusion rates, it delivers flavors reminiscent of hazelnut and toffee. Dark Crystal Rye malt has a color of 125 SRM making it the perfect addition to introduce a red to copper hue to a beer. When used in conjunction with extra low color Ale Malts such as Muntons Super Pale they balance perfectly, as they allow more of the intense copper color to shine through.

Color SRM (Min) 102

Color SRM (Max) 152

Color L (Min) 76

Color L (Max) 113

Moisture Content 6.00%

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