NZ Nelson Sauvin 11lbs 2023

NZ Nelson Sauvin 11lbs 2023

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The Nelson Sauvin hop aroma descriptors include distinctive white wine characters along with fruity flavors, such as fresh crushed gooseberry and grape. The essential oil profile displays characteristics of fresh crushed gooseberries, which is a descriptor often used for the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc, which is the reason for this variety's name.

This is a hop that may require efficient application in the brew house, this truly unique dual-purpose variety can be used to produce big punchy Ales as well as subtle aroma driven Lagers. The fruitiness may be a little overpowering for the uninitiated, however, those with a penchant for bold hop character will find several applications for this true brewer's hop.

Origin: New Zealand
Flavours: White wine, fruity, gooseberry, grapes
Alpha Acid: 10.0% - 13.0%
Beta Acid: 5.0% - 8.0%
Co-Humulone: 20 - 25 %
Total Oils: 0.8 - 1.5ml/100g

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