Tettnanger 11lbs 2023

Tettnanger 11lbs 2023

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Origin: German

Flavours: Spice, black pepper, black tea, floral, mild
Alpha Acid: 2.5% - 5.5%
Beta Acid: 3.0% - 5.0%
Co-Humulone: 22 - 28%
Total Oils: 0.5 - 0.9ml/100g 

Selected from an old German land race, Tettnanger is grown the world over. Swiss, US and Australian varieties can be found on the market today though some foreign versions labeled "Tettnanger" are actually a hybridized mix with Fuggle and not considered a true Tettnanger hop. Tettnanger is grown around its native village of Tettnang in southwest Germany and in small quantities near lake Konstanz in Switzerland.

Though characteristically similar to Hallertau and genetically similar to Saaz, Tettnanger has notably more farnesene content giving it a soft spiciness and a subtle, balanced, floral and herbal aroma. It is also great as a dual-use hop, and considered by many as being particularly well suited to European lagers and pilsners.

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