Willamette Abstrax Hop Profiles

Willamette Abstrax Hop Profiles

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For years, Willamette was the single most widely grown aroma variety in the United States. Even today Willamette is one of the most prolific varieties and is largely considered a pillar of the American hops industry. Known as "the king of aroma," Willamette provides a spicy, floral, and fruity fragrance to all sorts of beers ranging from English-Style Ales to Lagers and Porters.

Origin: American
Flavours: Floral, incense, spice, pepper, herbal

*As this is a new product, we currently do not hold stock. We receive bi-weekly shipments of Abstrax™, so please allow for 2-3 weeks lead time.

Optimized Hop Extracts

When you extract the oil from hops, no matter how good your extraction is, you’ll always wind up with certain undesirable plant compounds. Abstrax Hop Profiles are true-to-type optimized hop extracts without any of the undesirable notes typically found in other dry-hop aroma oils.

Extremely Concentrated

A little really goes a long way here. Hop Profiles are made from the essential building blocks of flavour and aroma so they’re naturally potent. The typical dosage is 0.5oz per barrel.

No Hop Creep or Lightstruck Flavours

Hop Profiles will not affect IBU test results and they cannot cause lightstruck off-flavours.    

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