What Do We Do...?

At Brew Culture we're passionate about craft beer and the community within the industry. Craft brewing in it's purest form is defined by the creativity and imagination of it's brewers. We aim to supply those brewers with the highest quality hops, direct from our partner growers around the globe, so they can explore their creaitive minds in the beers they so artfully create. We also distribute industry specific cleaning solutions and brewing aids for breweries, ciders, distilleries & wineries...and even put a craft beer festival on a boat!

With locations in Muskoka, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia we're able to distribute hops, cleaning products, brewing aids, and hoses & fittings to breweries across Canada and the United States.


Vancouver Craft Brew Cruise

August 27, 2015

I’m On A Boat With The Vancouver Craft Brew Cruise Posted By BeerMeBC - August 23, 2015;  Craft Beer events used to involve going to your local community center and standing around tasting the likes of local craft brewery fare. With the explosion of craft beer fanaticism and the plethora of event options at your fingertips you can now attend a variety of events that go above and beyond creating a truly unique experience. One such event is the Vancouver Craft Brew Cruise. Why stand in a stuffy, dark room when you can let your hair down into the wind cruising Vancouver Harbour with 200+ friends? Loading the boat in False Creek we can only assume that each person had a particular...

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