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Brew Culture was Founded in 2014 out of a passion for craft beer and a love of hops. We work direct with our partner suppliers around the globe to supply an extensive portfolio of premium quality products including; Hops, Malt, Yeast, Adjuncts, Cleaning Chemicals, and Brewing Aids for Canadian Brewers. 

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Our malt portfolio is of the highest quality available to craft brewers, originating from some of the most iconic brewing regions world-wide. IREKS from Germany, Raven from the Czech Republic and Muntons from the UK.

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Brew Culture Locations

Vancouver, BC

Brew Culture was founded in early 2014 in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. At that time the BC craft beer scene was just beginning to explode across the lower mainland and the island sending shockwaves throughout the country. It was our original home and to this day remains as a key location for our products getting into the hands of brewers across Western Canada. 

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Muskoka, ON

In late 2015 at a time when the Ontario craft beer industry was beginning to boom, our Founders moved across the country relocating our Head Office & Warehouse to Ontario's beautiful cottage country. Surrounded by lakes, towering wind-swept pines, and rock bluffs of the Canadian Shield. It's not only a serene setting to call home, it's also strategically located a short drive up the highway from Toronto, at a cross-section for freight carriers going east to Ottawa, and north toward the western provinces. 

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What Do Brewers Say...

Dan and the team at Brew Culture understand what goes into making great beer. They have been solid partners for several years now and have helped us source the best ingredients available for our beer. I can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Iain McOustra ~ Amsterdam Brewery

The team at Brew Culture has always been quick and easy to work with. They’ve been a one stop shop for us. Be it hops, malt, yeast, chemicals or salts, they have pretty much everything we need. Shipments arrive on time,  and they always have extra inventory on hand for those “last minute” needs. Having them down the road from us has saved our bacon many times!

Sam Corbeil ~ Sawdust City Brewing

Brew Culture is just a phone call or text away from getting what we need! From hops, yeast and chems to hoses and gaskets they help our busy brewery stay on schedule. Great team to work with!

Brent Mills ~ Four Winds Brewing

Having Brew Culture right down the road is a massive advantage to our business. How many breweries literally are neighbours with one of the best brewery suppliers in the country?! Geographical convenience aside, they pull through for us regularly when we're in a pinch for hops, malt, yeast, salts, chemicals, the list goes on!

Curt Bentley ~ Muskoka Brewery

We are always happy to work with the crew at Brew Culture! They have great customer service, product availability, and quick turnaround times on orders. And they're a Canadian owned company. Gotta love that!

Rozina Darvesh ~ North Brewing

Brew Culture isn’t just a company I buy from, they’re friends that I trust. Love the service and attention to detail. Love you guys! You make my brewery flow like wine.

Aaron Spinney ~ MERIT Brewing

I’ve been working with Brew Culture for several years now on hops and yeast procurement. They continue to deliver the highest quality ingredients with equal customer service, support, and quick lead times. I would highly recommend adding Brew Culture as one of your supply partners.  

Morgan Wielgosz ~ Good Neighbour Brewing

Dan Collins got me onto the field in Colorado at an MLB game, so I don't care what everyone else says about him, he's alright in my books! :)

Ben Coli ~ Dageraad Brewing

Brew Culture is simply the best. Since the beginning they’ve always been there for us. Whether it was last minute orders or helping us fulfill hop contracts, Dan and the crew stepped up every time. Dealing with them has been like dealing with family - in a good way!

David Bowkett ~ Powell Brewery