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APPLICATIONS: Opti-Mash is a liquid thermostable alpha-amylase from a classical strain of Bacillus licheniformis.
FUNCTION: Different adjuncts such as maize, rice, wheat, and sorghum are used in brewing. The starch of these grains can have gelatinization temperature greater than 76-78 C, the temperature at which different amylases from barley are inactivated. In addition, the milling of adjuncts and malt results in different sizes of flour and grist particles, the largest of which may not be completely solubilized below this temperature. Opti-Mash alpha-amylase ensures starch liquefaction when using adjuncts in the mash bill. Extract yield is improved and the risk of starch retrogradation is prevented.

Opti-Mash alpha-amylase can be used for starch liquefaction with all types of adjuncts that are used in the brewhouse. No pH adjustment or stabilization of enzyme with calcium ions is required, although the addition of Ca(OH)2 to obtain a pH of 6.5 will ensure maximum efficiency.

If malt is used to liquefy the starch in the cereal cooker, then also add Opti-Mash at 220-280ml per ton of adjunct. If no malt is used, with adjuncts such as maize, rice, wheat, or sorghum, Opti-Mash should be used at 300-400ml per ton of adjunct. It is recommended to dilute Opti-Mash in brewing water prior to use to facilitate mixing in the adjunct cooker.
Opti-Mash must be added at the beginning of adjunct cooking. It will be inactivated during the kettle boil.

Sizes available: 1L, 10L

*Made with technology by DSM

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