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BACTILESS™ is an allergen-free, innovative microbial control agent used to protect juice, must, and wine from acetic and lactic acid spoilage bacteria. Uses include: NEW USE – Use in the juice or must phase to control spoilage bacteria without negatively impacting alcoholic or malolactic fermentation (MLF) Use post alcoholic fermentation to control spoilage bacteria populations if MLF is not desired Use post malolactic fermentation to reduce bacteria populations, including malolactic bacteria When used in juice/must rack before initiating malolactic fermentation when added to wine rack after 10 days contact time Offers an interesting alternative to lysozyme treatment and/or significant SO2 additions, but does not replace the use of SO2 as it does not have antioxidant or antifungal properties BACTILESS is sensory neutral and cannot decrease any sensory contribution already produced by spoilage bacteria BACTILESS is a 100% natural, non-allergenic source of chitin-glucan and chitosan from a non-GMO strain of Aspergillus niger When BACTILESS is used early in the winemaking process LALVIN VP41™ is the suggested malolactic bacteria strain

Note: Chitin-glucan for the use of microbial control is listed by the TTB in 27 CFR 24.250 but not on 27 CFR 24.246.

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