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NO BRETT INSIDE™ is an allergen-free, innovative microbial control agent used to reduce Brettanomyces spp. thereby preserving the aromatic qualities of wines. Use in wines after alcoholic fermentation to reduce Brettanomyces populations when MLF is either already complete or is not desired Should never be used prior to MLF completion without consulting Scott Laboratories Recommended contact time is 10 days Offers an interesting alternative to significant SO2 additions, but does not replace the use of SO2 as it does not have antioxidant or antibacterial properties NO BRETT INSIDE is sensory neutral and cannot decrease any sensory contribution (barnyard, medicinal, smoky) already produced by spoilage Brettanomyces NO BRETT INSIDE will reduce, but not permanently eliminate, Brettanomyces populations. NO BRETT INSIDE should be followed by other microbial control strategies, such as sterile filtration, to stop Brettanomyces populations from regrowing. 100% natural, non-allergenic source of chitosan from a non-GMO strain of Aspergillus niger

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