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PURE-LEES LONGEVITY™ helps to increase shelf-life and protect color and aroma while also helping to stabilize colloids.

• Due to high oxygen uptake capacity, it minimizes loss of fruit character and browning, which increases shelf-life

• Wines are reported to be fresher, fruitier and rounder

• Rapidly and irreversibly, scavenges up to 1 mg/L O2

• Inspired by the practice of traditional lees aging, PURE LEES LONGEVITY will continue to scavenge oxygen until its capacity is exhausted

• Can replace SO2 as an antioxidant in no- and low-SO2 winemaking, though it is not a direct substitute for SO2 as it has no antimicrobial activity

• Can be added at the end of alcoholic fermentation or during aging but wine should be racked prior to filtration

• Suggested contact time: 1 week - 9 months

• PURE-LEES LONGEVITY was developed in collaboration with the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAe), France

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